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    ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.           Acts 1:8b

Photo Galery

Luis & Bev Arce

In order that you may better understand our ministry, please take a few moments to browse thru our photo galleries. Just double click any column to enlarge picture group.

Notice that many projects do not have finished photographs, this is due to forgetting to take final pictures or not being able to finish project in the short time we were there.

 If you have any questions or desire additional information, please contact us.

Argentina Temperley 1

Argentina Temperley 2

Argentina Temperley 3

Argentina Temperley 4

Argentina Temperley 5

Chile Puerto Montt 1

Chile Puerto Montt 2

Chile Puerto Montt 3

Zambia Chipata 1

Zambia Chipata 2

Zambia Chipata 3

Zambia Chipata 4

Zambia Kwacha 1

Zambia Kwacha 2

Zambia Kwacha 3

Argentina Chivilcoy Church 1

Argentina Chivilcoy Church 2

Antigua 1

Antigua 2

Antigua 3

Brazil 1

Brazil 2

Brazil 3

Brazil 4

Honduras San Jeronimo 1

Honduras San Jeronimo 2

Honduras San Jeronimo 3

Honduras San Jeronimo 4

Kitchen Argentina 1

Kitchen Argentina 2

Kitchen Zambia 1

Kitchen Zambia 2

Kitchen Zambia 3

Orphanage house 1

Orphanage house 2

Orphanage house 3

Orphanage house 4

Orphanage children 1

Orphanage children 2

Orphanage children 3

Orphanage children 4

Argentina camp house 1

Argentina camp house 2

Argentina camp house 3

Argentina camp house 4

Argentina electrical

Argentina plumbing

hanging brake pads

Installing tile

Attempting to weld security bars

Replacing motor in washing machine

Bev teaching 1

Bev teaching 2

Bev teaching 3


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